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Carltone Catalin Resonator Door Chime

Carltone Resonator Door Chime with Catalin Cover

Cartone Doorbell Door Chime with Catalin Cover

Carltone Door Chime 1939

This door chime was manufactured by the Carlton Manufacturing Company of Manchester, Connecticut. Carltone was almost certainly named for Carlton L. McMullen of Hartford, Connecticut who was granted a United States Design Patent for this chime in 1940. Since the label on this chime indicates a patent pending, this example is assumed to be from 1939.

This chime has two piece resonators quite similar to the Faraday Model 585. While this Carltone has a horizontal orientation, the similar Faraday models were vertical. The Carltone Company was short-lived and a minor player, so it’s possible the tooling and intellectual property was acquired by Faraday.