Nutone K-27 Regal 1950

NuTone K2-27 Regal Tubular Door Chime 1950 The NuTone Regal K-27 of 1950 was a brief iteration of the Regal name and catalog number. The previous iteration featured the same shield with a streamlined, ivory painted steel cover. Later generation Regals … Continue reading

Nutone Continental

Nutone Continental Model K33 with Aluminum Cover This iteration of the Nutone K-33 Continental appeared in few NuTone catalogs, although there is one illustration in the 1962 catalog. The cover is cast aluminum, an unusual material for NuTone. Available with … Continue reading

Nutone Skyline

Nutone Skyline K-14 Door Chime incorporates resonators in cover Resonator chambers incorporated into the design of this door chime distinguish the NuTone K-14 Skyline.  While many chimes imitated tubular bells with exposed  resonator chambers and many others hid the resonator … Continue reading

Nutone Streamliner

Nutone Streamliner This is a NuTone Streamliner Catalog number AA-395. The Streamline Moderne movement was inspired by trains and airplanes and automobiles of the day which incorporated reduced air resistance in their design. Wind velocity is of only minor importance … Continue reading

Nutone Dinner Chime

Nutone “Chimette” Table Dinner Chimes Dinner chimes were a forerunner and contemporary of door chimes, and are still in use today. They were commonly used on railroads to announce the availability of table service on dining cars. This example is … Continue reading

Nutone’s Cheerful Earful

Nutone “Cheerful Earful” Point of Sale  Sign Nutone Cheerful Earful advertising sign circa 1955. This sign was part of an in-store display. The slogan: “A Cheerful Earful” was introduced in1955. The original full slogan referred to both the look and … Continue reading

Faraday President

Faraday President A patriotic theme was common to many door chimes of the 1940s and early 1950s. This Faraday President model proudly displays a brass eagle in the center of the cover. The Ambassador is a sister model without the … Continue reading

Alhambra Model 199

Alhambra Model 199 Tubular Door Chime Alhambra was another California manufacturer of door chimes with factory and office in San Gabriel California. Alhambra is verified to have been producing long bell door chimes as early as 1935. This model 199 … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Ambassador

Rittenhouse Ambassador E-403-B This handsome chime from Rittenhouse featured a translucent Catalin Plastic cover and a night-light feature. This was a direct competitor of the Nutone Trinity door chimes.  A three tube variant with the same case was known as the … Continue reading

Mell-o-Chime Stylist

Mell-O-Chime Stylist Door Chime Model 511 This vintage Mell-o-Chime doorbell came to the museum unused in a branded “temporary carton”. The Model 511 Stylist, featured an ivory painted bakelite cover with similarly painted resonator tubes and tone-bars. Streamlined chimes, such … Continue reading