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Nutone K-27 Regal 1950

NuTone K2-27 Regal Tubular Door Chime 1950

Nutone K27 Regal Tubular Door Chime. 1950

Nutone K27 Regal Door Chime. 1950

The NuTone Regal K-27 of 1950 was a brief iteration of the Regal name and catalog number. The previous iteration featured the same shield with a streamlined, ivory painted steel cover. Later generation Regals had plastic covers.

The chime tubes are notable for having plugs in the bottom, an unusual feature in long bell door chimes. Since the column of air within the tube contributes to the richness and amplification of the note, the top plugs in this Regal were made hollow. At 37 3/16 inches in height, this chime has a slightly shorter stature than most contemporary NuTone chimes.

This iteration of the Regal appeared in a 1950 brochure and was apparently quickly discontinued, most likely because of poor market performance.

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