Door-to-Door Demonstrator

Door-to-Door Door Chime, Doorbell and Door Buzzer Demonstrator This fascinating portable demonstrator was likely conceived and executed by an entrepreneur to pedal doorbells as a door-to-door sales man. An ordinary cosmetics case was modified with a cutaway grill covered with … Continue reading

Jefferson Wizard Transformer

Jefferson Wizard Transformer The doorbell transformer made modern doorbells and door chimes possible. No longer to the sound of your doorbell depend on a charged battery. Transformers stepped down electricity to a low voltage which added safety and reliability. The … Continue reading

Doorbells Transformed

Doorbells Transformed: Sears First Transformer Early doorbell adopters had to be certain their batteries held a charge or else their doorbell wouldn’t ring. And in the early 1900s, you couldn’t just plug in a recharger. Batteries needed to be replaced … Continue reading

Historic Sears Doorbells

The History of Doorbells in Sears Catalogs 1896 to 1993 Sears Catalogs were the “internet superstore” for much of the last century. Sears’ “Big Book” catalogs along with brick and mortar stores likely made the giant retailer the largest single … Continue reading