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Jefferson Wizard Transformer

Jefferson Wizard Transformer

The doorbell transformer made modern doorbells and door chimes possible. No longer to the sound of your doorbell depend on a charged battery. Transformers stepped down electricity to a low voltage which added safety and reliability. The Jefferson Wizard transformer is typical of transformers in use to this day.

In fact, many transformers installed in the early 1900s are still in use today. Although usually relegated to basements, attics or closets, the humble transformer is indeed the silent power behind nearly all door chimes that ring on long tubular bells or tone-bars. The instuctions summed up the advantages of a transformer over batteries:

“The Jefferson transformer is always on the job—it is permanent—and it always rings the bell.”

The Jefferson Electric Company featured a drawing of noted inventor and United States President Thomas Jefferson in their trademark.

ManufacturerJefferson Electric Company,
Location of ManufacturerBellwood, Illinois. USA
Date of ManufactureApproximately 1937