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Rittenhouse Model 320 Russel Wright

Rittenhouse Model 320 designed by Russel Wright

Rittenhouse 330 Door Chime by Russel Wright 1941

Rittenhouse 330 by Russel Wright 1941

The Rittenhouse 320 door chime was designed by Russel Wright for the Autograph Series briefly marketed before the United States entered World War Two. Several other manufacturers used designer’s names to add marketing cachet, while this is one of the few to actually have an attribution directly on the cover. The 1941 Rittenhouse Catalog describes the Series:

THE AUTOGRAPH SERIES BY RUSSEL WRIGHT—The Autograph Series of Rittenhouse Door Chimes comprises a group of models in strikingly new and original designs, by a man who knows what the public wants in the articles it buys for its homes. Mr. Wright has been notably successful in creating very unusual effects without sacrificing any practical element so essential to user satisfaction.

The 320 was furnished with an Ivory case with two tubes, while the 330 was supplied with a third, decorative, tube. The 320-B and 330-B were the corresponding models with a Walnut colored cover:

A greater value would be hard to find. Distinctively smart lines are accentuated by the cleverly-placed polished brass ornament, individually applied. Housing is molded, unbreakable plastic of special character noted for its richness of appearance. Available in choice of Ivory and Brass or Walnut and Brass.

Tone quality is unusually full and pleasing. Tow notes announce the front door signal; single notes for rear or side doors. Operated with any good doorbell transformer, or batteries.

The 300 series chimes use a Rittenhouse mechanism which employs a sloped cap on the longer bell. This arrangement enables the single note for the second door to sound on the longer tube when the top, angled, solenoid is activated.

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