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Pryanco Model 302

Pryanco Model with Cast Aluminum Cover Model 302

Pryanco Tubular Door Chime with cast aluminum cover

Pryanco Tubular Door Chime with cast aluminum cover

This Pryanco 2-tube door chime features an elegant cast aluminum cover. After a remodel, all that remained was the original cover and an empty door chime niche in Southern California where this chime was originally installed.

ElectraChime restored this chime by matching an appropriate vintage Pryanco mechanism found in San Francisco along with newly manufactured chime tubes. Pryanco mechanisms have the simplest of adjustments for moving the bells horizontally from the strikers. The bells loops are simply moved on a horizontal rod. During the restoration, heat shrink tubing was added to the metal bar to supply additional friction.

The cover was resprayed in the original bronze color.

Pryanco offered a number of two bell chimes in their 1940 catalog, although the model 302 is listed with oversize 54 inch chime tubes. Bells of this length would be 10 inches too long for the door chime niche. Pryanco did offer a chime with a wrought (sheet metal) cover at 42 inches and at some point offered this cast cover with the shorter chime tubes.

Pryanco was a large supplier of door chimes in the Western United States before being absorbed by Rittenhouse in the 1950s.

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