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NuTone Majestic Third Generation K-44

NuTone Majestic Third Generation K-44

NuTone Majestic Westminster Door Chime 1948

NuTone Majestic ~1948

The third generation NuTone Majestic plays an eight note Westminster Melody and features a nightlight feature as did previous iterations sharing the same name. This version has an ivory plastic cover that slips up from the bottom of the bells to discreetly hide the mechanics. A translucent dust cover diffuses light upwards. The third generation Majestic was the last NuTone Westminster chime with a nightlight feature and was discontinued around 1954.

Described in the 1948 NuTone Catalog:

Rich Ivory plastic cover with satin brass trim to match the four 1 1/8″ satin brass tubes. Indirect 24 volt night light at top of chime. Entire mechanism engineered for quick, easy installation. Contains Telechron motor with selector switch to sound eight Westminster notes for front door, or only four if desired—one note, rear door. Has radio type volume control—plus additional volume adjustment bracket for each tube.

      NuTone Majestic 1948

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  1. I just bought a home here in California that still has the majestic hanging in the front entry way . The sound of the 8 chime is absolutely beautiful

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