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NuTone K30 Supertone

NuTone K30 Supertone

NuTone K30 Supertone Long Bell Door Chime 1948

NuTone K30 Supertone. 1948

The K30 Supertone is styled like a period radio. Introduced in the 1948 NuTone Trade Catalog:

K-30 SUPERTONE Entirely new! Finest tone from two superior brass tubes—two notes, front door—one note, rear door. Gleaming Ivory-plastic cover with radio-type woven-brass grille. New noiseless NuTone Power Unit—finger-tip volume adjustment on each tube.

True to the marketing copy, the K30 Supertone took design cues from post-war radios such as the 1947 Phillips BX462A.

In addition to the then new “jet-engine” styled power unit, the K30 has an elegant bell adjustment scheme. Two thumb screws apply leverage to sheet metal hangers cut from the metal back plate and bent to a perpendicular stance to suspend the bells. Although clever, this arrangement apparently only added manufacturing expense while providing little marketing or functional advantage and was unique to this chime. The K30 Supertone was only available for two or three years. Succeeding NuTone two-note long bell door chimes dispensed with the screws with instructions to gently bend the sheet metal hangers to adjust the strike.

The NuTone K30 Supertone must not be confused with the Supertone Chimes from the Electro Manufacturing Company..

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