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Faraday President

Faraday President

Faraday President Long Chime Doorvbell 1947

Faraday President 1947

A patriotic theme was common to many door chimes of the 1940s and early 1950s. This Faraday President model proudly displays a brass eagle in the center of the cover. The Ambassador is a sister model without the third decorative bell.

The bell strikes are adjusted by removing a crown from the top of the mechanism which reveals two screws that support brackets which the tubes. The bell hangers are similar to anvils patented by NuTone, although these are made of pressed and rolled steel instead of machined. These Faraday hangers employ a metal hook to eliminate the swing allowed by the use of cords. The installation instructions describe this feature:

The new Faraday all-metal tube hanger eliminates the strings formerly used to hold the tubes. This metal cap holds the tubes steady so that there is no swings and assures full, vibrant tones at all times.

It is not surprising the removable crown is of identical dimensions to other chimes made by Faraday. It is remarkable the dimensions are identical to Resonators employed on Carltone Chimes leading to the possibility that Faraday acquired or cooperated with Carltone. <

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