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NuTone Regal 1963

NuTone Regal L-27 1963

NuTone L27 Regal Long Bell Door Chime 1963

NuTone Regal L27 1963

The NuTone L-27 Regal is the last iteration of the Regal name from NuTone. The cover has a distinct later Hollywood Regency aesthetic characterized by the patterned gold foil details on the cover. Introduced in 1963, the L27 was NuTone’s price leader for long bell door chimes and was only available with two bells. The L-27 Regal was available from 1963 to 1965. A resonator version known as the L24 Mayfair with a walnut or ivory colored case, was introduced simultaneously and was available for several more years.

The L series mechanism features NuTone’s patented double acting solenoid. As with other contemporary NuTone chimes the bells were suspended using nylon hangers which in all likelihood reduced the time and expense of manufacture. Unfortunately, these nylon hangers often become brittle with age and fail.

The 1963 NuTone Door Chime Catalog describes the Regal: product catalog described the Cathedral:

L-27 “Regal”—Ivory finish plastic cover with Gold Accent. Statin brass tubes. Two notes for front door, one note for rear.

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    1. Hello there are no new parts available for the double acting solenoid. This unit is notoriously fussy. You can often have some luck by cleaning the solenoid unit with solvent. Instructions to do this can be found on the label on the chime mechanism chassis.

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