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NuTone V-Tone K17

NuTone V-Tone K17 Door Chime

NuTone V-Tone Compact Door Chime  1955

NuTone V-Tone 1955

The NuTone V-17 door chime mimics automotive styling that accompanied the widespread adoption of V-8 engines by automobile manufacturers in the 1950s. Other consumer goods adopted similar styling and the V-Tones resemblance to a radio is either highly coincidental or purposeful.

The V-Tone was described in a 1955 NuTone brochure:

K-17 “V-Tone”— Black and Anodized Aluminum or Copper Anodized. 2 notes front door, 1 note rear door.

A resonator door chime with the same covers was available as the K-19 “Premier”.

The V-Tone and Premier were short-lived having been discontinued by 1959.

Manufacturer NuTone Incorporated
Location of Manufacture Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Date of Manufacture Introduced 1955
Cover Anodized Aluminum
Mechanism Stamped steel
Tone bars Painted Steel
Height 6 7/8 inches
Width 4 1/2 inches
Depth 2 inches
Notes ElectraChime Collection. Original condition.

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