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NuTone V-Tone K17

NuTone V-Tone K17 Door Chime

NuTone V-Tone Compact Door Chime  1955

NuTone V-Tone 1955

The NuTone V-17 door chime mimics automotive styling that accompanied the widespread adoption of V-8 engines by automobile manufacturers in the 1950s. Other consumer goods adopted similar styling and the V-Tones resemblance to a radio is either highly coincidental or purposeful.

The V-Tone was described in a 1955 NuTone brochure:

K-17 “V-Tone”— Black and Anodized Aluminum or Copper Anodized. 2 notes front door, 1 note rear door.

A resonator door chime with the same covers was available as the K-19 “Premier”.

The V-Tone and Premier were short-lived having been discontinued by 1959.

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