Sears Last Doorbells

The Bell Tolls for Sears Door Chimes In the Fall of 1977 Sears introduced an 8-note Electric Resonator Chime supplied by Rittenhouse. This was followed by a Rittenhouse made 8-note longbell in 1978. These chimes sold well enough to keep … Continue reading

Sears First Door Chimes

Early Door Chimes at Sears the 1930s The depression era market for doorbells fell precipitously along with the steep drop in construction. U.S. housing starts frell from 500,000 per year in 1929 to fewer than 100,000 in 1933. Economic necessity … Continue reading

Historic Sears Doorbells

The History of Doorbells in Sears Catalogs 1896 to 1993 Sears Catalogs were the “internet superstore” for much of the last century. Sears’ “Big Book” catalogs along with brick and mortar stores likely made the giant retailer the largest single … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Williamsburg

Rittenhouse Williamsburg Model 630, 631,632,633 and C8633 The Williamsburg succeeded the Concord as the flagship clock-chime from Rittenhouse in 1955. While the Concord was relatively short-lived, the Williamsburg proved far more successful and continued as a top of the line … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Prelude

Rittenhouse Prelude Model Model 550 This combined door chime and dinner call was released simultaneous to the Rittenhouse Precedent. Both were designed by Jean O. Reinecke. This chime was made possible by the then newly-developed Rittenhouse Master Model Controller which … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Beverly-1972

Rittenhouse “Traditional” Beverly Door Chime Model C8536 circa 1972 This is perhaps the most successful of the Rittenhouse Beverly models. The chime shares a cover with the 1972 Fairfax The cover shows distinct Mediterranean Revival style, and in fact was … Continue reading

Mello-Chime Longfellow Apollo

Mello-Chime Longfellow Apollo Model 612 The Longfellow Apollo door chime was marketed as one of Mello-Chime’s “Modern Plastic Chimes of Tomorrow” The claim was especially prescient as soon after World War 2, plastic became the dominant material for door chime … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Fairfax – 1966

Rittenhouse Fairfax Door Chime Model C8381-2 The Rittenhouse Fairfax C8381-2 is a two-note long bell tubular door chime with a stereo-like look complete with speaker cloth. Described in the 1966 Rittenhouse catalog as: FAIRFAX (formerly 381/382) Attractive new design in … Continue reading

Edwards Colonial Tubular Doorbell

Edwards Colonial Tubular Door Chime Model 1450 This patriotic themed door chime was designed by Lurelle Guild for Edwards and Company in 1941. Edwards featured the Colonial in advertising with Irene Dunne “in her Hollywood home.” Mr. Guilds other designs … Continue reading