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Deagan Cam-Driven Westminster Chime 1936

Deagan Cam-Driven Westminster Door Chime 1936

Deagan Westminster Cam Driven Long Bell Door Chime 1936

Deagan Westminster Door Chime -1936

The Deagan Chime company of Chicago, Illinois was a preeminent manufacturer of musical chimes of all varieties in from 1880 on. They were a market leader in cathedral and  tower bells of which hundreds, and perhaps thousands, survive to this day. Deagan made many fine musical instruments including glockenspiels, orchestra bells and marimbas.

Considering Deagan’s leadership in tubular bell manufacture, it’s no surprise the firm marketed long bell door chimes for residential use. This Cam Driven Chime dates to 1936 as evidenced by the instructions mounted on the inside of the cover. This chime shares many characteristics of Cam driven chimes. Deagan did employ  high and low voltage circuits with a relay switching the high voltage motor circuits upon the activation of the low voltage doorbell pushbutton. Cylindrical glass fuses protected the circuitry.  A sprung arm on a microswitch landed in the depression of a wheel attached to the cam shaft after each melody sequence awaiting the next push of the button. This chime featured a unique and reliable chain drive linking the Speedway Manufacturing Company Motor to the cam.

This chime can be reliably dated to 1936 from the copyright date on the instructions. Deagan marketed other chimes either before or after this model, at least one with a sequencer similar to that of the TeleChime Aristocrat. A sales letter from 1932 did not list door chimes in the Deagan Range. Considering the relative scarcity of Deagan branded door chimes, residential signaling devices were a minor product line for this esteemed producer of musical instruments.


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