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Miami-Carey Mid Century

Miami-Carey Mid-Century Serenade Tubular Door Chime Model M-228

Miami Carey Mid Century door chime

Miami Carey Tubular Door Chime

This Mid-Century door chime is from the Troubador Line from Miami-Carey known as the Serenade. The style mimics high fidelity stereo cabinets of the era, similar to contemporary chimes from Rittenhouse and others.

The mechanism back plate is extended at the top to provide an overall height and presence greater than similar chimes.

The Serenade is described as follows in Miami-Carey literature from 1963.

Serenade M-228
Plastic Desert Sand cover
Limed Oak Wood Grain Center Panel with Brushed Brass Satellite (emphasis added) Medallion
Brass Grille, Light Fabric
Three long Brass Tubes

The Serenade was also available in a simplified version without out the gold-tone grid over the beige grill cover and a starburst medallion instead of the keyhole. The Starburst variation is described in the 1963 Miami-Carey catalog:

Serenade—Model M-228—Plastic Desert Sand cover, light fabric, limed oak center panel with brass Sunburst (emphasis added) Medallion. Three long brass tubes, 2 notes front door. 1 note rear door. 

Curiously, the satelite variation was not actually listed in the 1963 catalog although it is clearly pictured in one of the Troubadour Chime Displays on the back cover of the catalog. Even more mysteriously, the Satellite Serenade was the only version listed in the July 1, 1963 Miami Carey Chime Line Price List.

Perhaps the satellite version was introduced in 1963 in favor of the Starburst or the omission was an oversight.

ManufacturerMiami-Carey Division; The Phillip Carey MGG. Co
Location of ManufacturerMiddletown Ohio
Date of Manufacture~1960
MaterialsCover: Styrene plastic, Fabric grille cloth, Limed Oak wood center panel, Metalic Gold Trim.
Bells: Brass
Dimensions/specifications42 /14 inches tall, 8 1/4 inches wide, 2 3/4" inches deep.
DetailsElectraChime Collection.