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Ironcore Fiesta

Ironcore Fiesta Long Bell Door Chime

Ironcore Fiesta Door Chime Australia 1963

Ironcore Fiesta Door Chime Australia 1963

Photos of this long bell door chime were sent from a patron in Australia as it is shown hanging on the wall of the family home where it has served since the early 1960s. This long bell door chime shares the same style and many of the components  as the Ironcore Fiesta Resonator.

As was, and is, the case with many chime manufacturers, components were shared amongst models. The instructions, or “Advice on Installation” that accompanied the Ironcore Fiesta Resontator was distributed with both chimes and speaks to installing and adjusting this long bell model:

In the case of the Long Tube type hang the tubes on the adjusting hooks with the shorter tube on the left side. Adjust tubes so that they are as near as possible to the plunger, without plunger remaining in contact with either tube. plunger should strike tube 5/16″ below the top.