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Nutone’s Cheerful Earful

Nutone “Cheerful Earful” Point of Sale  Sign

Nutone Cheerful Earful advertising sign circa 1955. This sign was part of an in-store display. The slogan: “A Cheerful Earful” was introduced in1955. The original full slogan referred to both the look and sound of door chimes as: “A delightful Sightful for a Cheerful Earful.

Nutone Cheerful Earful Store Display Sign 1950s

ManufacturerNutone Electric Company
Location of ManufacturerCincinnati, Ohio USA
Date of ManufactureApproximately 1957
MaterialsWood and paint
Dimensions22 inches x 5 inches

A Delight Sightful; A Cheeful Earful

Clipping from 1955-1956 Nutone Dealer Advertising circular.