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Rittenhouse Twintone

Rittenhouse Twintone Model 200

Rittenhouse Twin Tone Door Chime 1937

Rittenhouse Twin Tone Door Chime 1937

The Rittenhouse Twintone Model 200 door chime  was the mid-range model in early Rittenhouse catalogs. A similar model, the Model 100 Chime Junior, had a single tone-bar.   The 1937 Rittenhouse brochure describes the Model 200:

This model is an enclosed bar-type chime. It strikes two separate successive harmonizing notes, producing beautiful, clear chime tones. For use as maid’s calls, office calls and signals, dinner calls, etc. Frequently used for door call service in apartments and small houses. However for general door call service, we recommend the louder (long bell) President model.

The Model 100 and Model 200 were somewhat unique as the tone-bars were mounted to the case, instead of the mechanism which would become the norm for compact and resonator door chimes. The Model 200 was available in Ivory and Gold as this example, as well as in Green and Gold.

ManufacturerA.E. Rittenhouse Co. Inc.
Location of ManufacturerHoneyoye Falls, New York
Date of Manufacture1937
MaterialsSteel "crinkle paint" housing with brass details. Iron tone bars.
Dimensions7 inches wide, 3 3/4 inches tall, 1 3/4 inches deep.