Clothes Dryer Door Chime

How Dry I Am Musical Chime How Dry I Am was a portion of the lyrics of a tune written by Irving Berlin in 1919. This chime plays that melody and once signaled the end of the dryer cycle on … Continue reading

Newtone Mechanical Long Bell Door Chime

Newtone Mechanical Long Bell Door Chime This unique door chime from Australia is the only known non-electric long bell door chime. Another feature unique to this chime, and required by it’s intended mounting on the back of a door or … Continue reading

Nutone Dinner Chime

Nutone “Chimette” Table Dinner Chimes Dinner chimes were a forerunner and contemporary of door chimes, and are still in use today. They were commonly used on railroads to announce the availability of table service on dining cars. This example is … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Williamsburg

Rittenhouse Williamsburg Model 630, 631,632,633 and C8633 The Williamsburg succeeded the Concord as the flagship clock-chime from Rittenhouse in 1955. While the Concord was relatively short-lived, the Williamsburg proved far more successful and continued as a top of the line … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Trent

Rittenhouse Trent The Rittenhouse Trent is a Mid-Century Westminster door chime designed by Jean Otis Reinecke (1909-1987) and introduced in 1956. Reinecke is best known for cutting edge designs for a variety of products including Toastmaster toasters and the ubiquitous … Continue reading

Doorbell Renaissance

A Doorbell Renaissance at Sears with Rittenhouse The Sears 1964 catalogs were a bit of a door chime renaissance at Sears. The Fall 1964 Big-Book devoted an entire page—more catalog space than ever before—to doorbells, door chimes and buzzers. For … Continue reading

NuTone Chord Tone

NuTone Chord Tone L-30 L-30 “Chord Tone” Desert Sand cover. Smart Grille pattern. Gold flecked grille cloth. 2 chords front door, 2 notes rear door. NuTone’s home town paper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, spoke in superlatives upon the introduction of the … Continue reading

Edwards Claridge

Edwards Claridge Model C-50, C-51 The Edwards Claridge was descibed in their 1956 Catalog: THE TASTEFULLY MODERN CLARIDGE Now you can have the luxury of the fabled Westminster melody in a modern walnut cabinet. Available with or without Telechron motored … Continue reading

NuTone Weatherman

NuTone Weatherman This resonator chime from NuTone features a thermometer and hygrometer. The instruments were manufactured by Airguide of Chicago, although the only branding on the dial is “NuTone”. Clocks were more commonly combined with door chimes, however this is … Continue reading