NuTone Heirloom L34

NuTone Model L34 Heirloom Tubular Door Chime 1970 Nineteen-Seventies home decor brought earth-tone appliances, bright, wet-look bean bag chairs and this French Provincial styled NuTone “Heirloom” Door Chime. This popular model became NuTone’s flagship door chime when introduced in 1970. Described in … Continue reading

Edwards Bolero III Vibrechord

Edwards Bolero III Vibrechord Doorbell Chime Model C-28 Edwards Bolero was available in two different styles. The conventional two-door models C-20 in White and Chrome and the C-21 in Ebony and Brass. The C-20 and C-21 featured a conventional “ding-dong” … Continue reading

Mello-Chime Longfellow Apollo

Mello-Chime Longfellow Apollo Model 612 The Longfellow Apollo door chime was marketed as one of Mello-Chime’s “Modern Plastic Chimes of Tomorrow” The claim was especially prescient as soon after World War 2, plastic became the dominant material for door chime … Continue reading

Mell-o-Chime Stylist

Mell-O-Chime Stylist Door Chime Model 511 This vintage Mell-o-Chime doorbell came to the museum unused in a branded “temporary carton”. The Model 511 Stylist, featured an ivory painted bakelite cover with similarly painted resonator tubes and tone-bars. Streamlined chimes, such … Continue reading

Nutone Skyline

Nutone Skyline K-14 Door Chime incorporates resonators in cover Resonator chambers incorporated into the design of this door chime distinguish the NuTone K-14 Skyline.  While many chimes imitated tubular bells with exposed  resonator chambers and many others hid the resonator … Continue reading

Doorbells vs Chimes

Chimes vs Doorbells The premise that a doorbell made noise and a door chime was pleasant to the ears was quite the hot topic in the 1930s.  Although electric doorbells had only been common for about 25 years in American … Continue reading

Doorbell Terminology

door· bell noun \ˈdȯr-ˌbel\ : a bell or set of chimes to be rung usually by a push button at an outer door Doorbell, door bell or door chime? Is it a “doorbell” or a “door bell”? and how exactly … Continue reading

Doorbell Renaissance

A Doorbell Renaissance at Sears with Rittenhouse The Sears 1964 catalogs were a bit of a door chime renaissance at Sears. The Fall 1964 Big-Book devoted an entire page—more catalog space than ever before—to doorbells, door chimes and buzzers. For … Continue reading