Faraday Dixie Streamliner

Faraday Dixie Streamlined Door Chime The Faraday Dixie Door Chime was part of a full line of doorbells and door chimes and was likely one of their less expensive models and almost certainly meant to be hung in a kitchen. … Continue reading

Nutone Streamliner

Nutone Streamliner This is a NuTone Streamliner Catalog number AA-395. The Streamline Moderne movement was inspired by trains and airplanes and automobiles of the day which incorporated reduced air resistance in their design. Wind velocity is of only minor importance … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Precedent

Rittenhouse Precedent Model 575 This innovative chime is an exercise in mid-century minimalism.  This chime was made possible by the then newly-developed Rittenhouse Master Model Controller which could be located discreetly and remotely from the chime. This allowed the designer, … Continue reading

Nutone K-27 Regal 1950

NuTone K2-27 Regal Tubular Door Chime 1950 The NuTone Regal K-27 of 1950 was a brief iteration of the Regal name and catalog number. The previous iteration featured the same shield with a streamlined, ivory painted steel cover. Later generation Regals … Continue reading

Edwards Colonial Tubular Doorbell

Edwards Colonial Tubular Door Chime Model 1450 This patriotic themed door chime was designed by Lurelle Guild for Edwards and Company in 1941. Edwards featured the Colonial in advertising with Irene Dunne “in her Hollywood home.” Mr. Guilds other designs … Continue reading

Mell-o-Chime Stylist

Mell-O-Chime Stylist Door Chime Model 511 This vintage Mell-o-Chime doorbell came to the museum unused in a branded “temporary carton”. The Model 511 Stylist, featured an ivory painted bakelite cover with similarly painted resonator tubes and tone-bars. Streamlined chimes, such … Continue reading

Rittenhouse 101 Pilgrim

Rittenhouse Model 101 Single Note Doorbell. The “Pilgrim” The Rittenhouse Model 101 was one of two “Bar Chimes” in the Rittenhouse line in the late 1930s. This early example probably dates to 1938 or early 1939 as it is marked … Continue reading

Nutone Skyline

Nutone Skyline K-14 Door Chime incorporates resonators in cover Resonator chambers incorporated into the design of this door chime distinguish the NuTone K-14 Skyline.  While many chimes imitated tubular bells with exposed  resonator chambers and many others hid the resonator … Continue reading


New Materials and a New Brand of Doorbells at Sears After enduring a lengthy depression and the austerity of a total war effort, 1950s America was looking for something new, and Sears was there to oblige. A new wonder material—styrene … Continue reading