NuTone K30 Supertone

NuTone K30 Supertone The K30 Supertone is styled like a period radio. Introduced in the 1948 NuTone Trade Catalog: K-30 SUPERTONE Entirely new! Finest tone from two superior brass tubes—two notes, front door—one note, rear door. Gleaming Ivory-plastic cover with … Continue reading

NuTone Regal 1963

NuTone Regal L-27 1963 The NuTone L-27 Regal is the last iteration of the Regal name from NuTone. The cover has a distinct later Hollywood Regency aesthetic characterized by the patterned gold foil details on the cover. Introduced in 1963, … Continue reading

NuTone Budget Chime

NuTone Budget Resonator Chime This early NuTone Chime has a build quality that belies it’s “Budget” designation. Although likely one of the least expensive chimes then in the line, it still features resonator tubes, an elegant embossed emblem and an … Continue reading

NuTone L39 Musical Door Chime

NuTone L39 Musical Door Chime The NuTone L39 Madison is a four or eight note musical chime that plays the Westminster sequence on three tone bars. This Madison is styled like a fanciful traditional wardrobe with ornamental bails on decorative … Continue reading

NuTone NU-195 Compact

NuTone NU-195 Drape NuTone’s early bar-chime models extended the “Drape” ornamentation employed on Resonator and Long Bell Door Chimes to a compact two-note model. From the 1941 Catalog: Bar Chime Models Decorative grille top and bottom—separately tuned resonators for each … Continue reading

NuTone Futura L16

NuTone Futura L16 (Harmony) Upon introduction in 1958, this iteration of the NuTone L16 was known as the Harmony. but by 1961 the name was changed to Futura. The Futura would remain in the NuTone catalog until at least 1970. … Continue reading

NuTone Chord Tone

NuTone Chord Tone L-30 L-30 “Chord Tone” Desert Sand cover. Smart Grille pattern. Gold flecked grille cloth. 2 chords front door, 2 notes rear door. NuTone’s home town paper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, spoke in superlatives upon the introduction of the … Continue reading

NuTone V-Tone K17

NuTone V-Tone K17 Door Chime The NuTone V-17 door chime mimics automotive styling that accompanied the widespread adoption of V-8 engines by automobile manufacturers in the 1950s. Other consumer goods adopted similar styling and the V-Tones resemblance to a radio … Continue reading

NuTone L36 Elite Clock-Chime

NuTone L36 Elite “Built-In” Clock-Chime The L36 Elite was introduced in 1958 as NuTone’s first recessed clock-chime. The anodized aluminum clock face featured a series of 48 holes with four between each red and/or black five minute divisions. These holes … Continue reading