Faraday President

Faraday President A patriotic theme was common to many door chimes of the 1940s and early 1950s. This Faraday President model proudly displays a brass eagle in the center of the cover. The Ambassador is a sister model without the … Continue reading

Faraday Burgundy

Faraday Burgundy Model 585 E The Faraday Model 585 E is a well made chime with painted external half oval-shaped resonators. This chime and the companion Sapphire model, feature a flamboyant stylized bird in flight.  From the brochure: Ivory and … Continue reading

Faraday Dixie Streamliner

Faraday Dixie Streamlined Door Chime The Faraday Dixie Door Chime was part of a full line of doorbells and door chimes and was likely one of their less expensive models and almost certainly meant to be hung in a kitchen. … Continue reading

Carltone Longbell Door Chime

Carltone Longbell Door Chime This longbell door chime from the Carlton Manufacturing Company features a distinctive catalin plastic cover and a painted steel crown. It shares many design elements with the Carltone Resonator and was indeed simultaneously filed for patent. … Continue reading

Carltone Catalin Resonator Door Chime

Carltone Resonator Door Chime with Catalin Cover This door chime was manufactured by the Carlton Manufacturing Company of Manchester, Connecticut. Carltone was almost certainly named for Carlton L. McMullen of Hartford, Connecticut who was granted a United States Design Patent … Continue reading

Door-to-Door Demonstrator

Door-to-Door Door Chime, Doorbell and Door Buzzer Demonstrator This fascinating portable demonstrator was likely conceived and executed by an entrepreneur to pedal doorbells as a door-to-door sales man. An ordinary cosmetics case was modified with a cutaway grill covered with … Continue reading