Miami Carey Festival Westminster Doorbell Chime Model M-226

Miam Carey Festival M-226 Doorbell

Miam Carey Festival M-226 Doorbell

The Miami Carey Festival M-226 Door Chime plays a four note Westminster sequence on tone bars using a motorized mechanism. Described in the catalog as:

Festival—Model M-226 Fruitwood cover with white trim. Beige-brown fabric. Four brass finish tubes. 4 notes front door. 1 note rear door. Volume control and motor driven mechanism. 9″ wide, 14 1/2′ high, 5″ deep. Instantaneous start.

The Mid-Century design features an angular Fruitwood veneer trimmed plastic case with an acoustically transparent perforated metal sheet supporting speaker fabric and a brass grill. A distinctive Miami-Carey design note, inherited from Edwards, is the arrangement of brass resonator tubes with the two longest tubes in the center as opposed to virtually all other four bell Westminster chimes with tubes arranged from shortest to longest.

The Festival’s call, of course, is no different as the notes are played in the familiar order:

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