Liberty Model 56 Quality

Liberty Model 56 “Quality” Long-Bell Door Chime

Liberty Bell Model 56 Vintage Long Bell Door Chime 1948

Liberty Model 56 1948

This version of the Liberty 56 Door Chime was introduced around 1948. It is unique as having the only known matching button with a long-bell door chime. From the 1948 Liberty Bell Manufacturing Company Catalog:

Model 56 QUALITY CHIME—This newly designed chime gives beauty and quality at low cost. Thousands of Model 56 Chimes have been giving trouble-free performance for the past ten years. Now, with new design throughout, the demand for this chime will be greater than ever. As an added feature the Model 56 Chime comes complete with a unique new matching medallion push button especially designed for it.

The Model 56 was widely distributed by Montgomery Ward along with other Liberty Bell Chimes.

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