American Art Metal Tubular Doorbell Circa 1934

American Art Metal Tubular Doorbell #101 Circa 1934


This tubular door chime has a copyright date of 1934 making this the earliest tubular door chime in the Doorbell Museum collection. Several manufacturers claim the “invention” of tubular door chimes, however the markings on this unit are the earliest verifiable evidence I have seen. This chime is of heavy duty construction and has an unusual voltage requirement of 24 volts.

This was manufactured by American Art Metal Company of San Francisco, California.

This chime was restored for a stately home in the Richmond District of San Francisco where it was part of the original furnishings. Time had taken it’s toll and the tubular bells were beyond repair necessitating the fabrication of new ones.

Originally, the No. 101 featured a decorative grill suspended from a decorative third tube. The two photos of an American Model 101 installed in a newly constructed niche in Berkeley California show the original arrangement. Note the center tube is of a smaller diameter than the two bells.


ManufacturerAmerican Art Metal
Location of ManufacturerSan Francisco, California
Date of Manufacture1934
MaterialsPainted Cast Bronze Case
Dimensions10 inches wide, 32 inches tall, 2 3/4 inches deep