NuTone Heirloom L34

NuTone Model L34 Heirloom Tubular Door Chime 1970

NuTone L34 Heirloom Door Chime 1970

NuTone L34 Heirloom Door Chime 1970

Nineteen-Seventies home decor brought earth-tone appliances, bright, wet-look bean bag chairs and this French Provincial styled NuTone “Heirloom” Door Chime. This popular model became NuTone’s flagship door chime when introduced in 1970.

Described in the catalog as:

New! LA-34 “Heirloom” Beautifully Traditional, in it’s rich, wood-grained Pecan finish. Gold-highlighted Ovals surround antique-mirror patterns in “Closine” Brown against cloth-textured background. Tubes are satin-finish brass. Sounds 2 notes for front door and 1 for rear or side door. 

The Heirloom inherited the L-34 Catalog number from earlier chimes. The mechanism employs the dual-acting solenoid mechanism and nylon bell hangers.



NuTone Heirloom L34 — 2 Comments

  1. Looks for replacement part for the solenoid, in the picture above. 1970 Nu Tone L34 Heirloom Door Chime.
    Any for sale that work??

    • Hello, sorry for the tardy reply.

      Have you tried cleaning the unit per the instruction label?

      This often helps although these particular units are troublesome.

      If the cleaning does not work, please contact me at 415.259.4949 and we can discuss options for getting you going again.


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