Morphy Richards Clydon T.U. 100

Morphy Richards Clydon Chime

Morphy-Richards Clydon Tubular Doorbells Model TU-100

Morphy-Richards Clydon Tubular Doorbells Model T.U. 100

Morphy-Richards is a leading marketer of appliances in the the UK best known for electric kettles, blankets and light-weight clothes irons. In the 1950s Morphy-Richards marketed the Clydon Line of door chimes including the T.U.100 long bell model. Morphy-Richards distributed door chimes worldwide.

A variation on this model was available as the T.B. 101, a battery operated chime with a unique compartment between the two tubes that housed four D cell batteries, formerly known as U2 batteries in Europe.

This example was found in severely neglected condition. ElectraChime carefully restored the mechanism and fitted a new solenoid plunger and bells to factory specifications. Clydon chimes are particularly well made featuring a sophisticated scheme for adjusting the strike of the bells, a copper clad solenoid winding and elegant electrical terminals.


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  1. I have one of these in our home in Melbourne Australia. The house was finished around 1950-1951.

    The doorbell still works! We love it. Is it valuable?

    Best wishes,


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